Hi, I'm Emily!

I am dual registered as both a Registered Nurse and Registered Associate Nutritionist (BSc MSc ANutr RN). I hold a first-class BSc degree in Adult Nursing and an Msc degree in Clinical Nutrition and Public Health from University College London. I have a great passion for all things food, nutrition and women’s health and would love to share that passion with you. You will not find any fad diets on my site, but you will find a regular stream of nutritious recipes and blog articles where you will be able find tips and evidence-based information around women’s health, fertility and nutrition.

Emily the Nutri-Nurse
Em the Nutri Nurse

I am an NHS trained and qualified adult nurse with experience in working throughout the NHS and private settings in areas such as surgical assessment, trauma, orthopaedic and gynaecology. I now work as a Fertility Nurse and Patient Liaison for Hertility who are on a mission to make information about female health accessible and affordable for everyone to empower and equip them with knowledge of their reproductive health.

Since working as a nutritionist, I have been the lead Nutritionist for @strng app, whereby I designed and nutritionally analysed performance meals to fit within individual nutritional goals. I have studied further MSc modules in sports nutrition as well as frequent and ongoing studying into fertility, pre- and post-natal and infant nutrition and I have a great interest in particular into optimising nutrition for both females and males throughout the perinatal and pre-natal period.

Em the Nutri Nurse