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Nutty apple date and caramel jumbo oat porridge

I used Moma Apple date & caramel jumbo oat porridge sachets with sliced British apple, toasted mixed nuts, milk and thick yoghurt.

Method 🥣

🍎🥣 The slow release carbohydrate from the oats and apple will sustain you throughout the morning.

🍏 Remember to check the origin before buying. Different apples in the UK come into season at different times. It seems so silly to buy apples from Spain when there may be apples from Kent right next to them on the shelf.

🌰 Toasted nuts are delicious but also a great source of protein, healthy fats, fibre and iron amongst other benefits!

🥛 Try to add a source of calcium with each meal such as milk or/ and yoghurt in your breakfast. Or if you are having a savoury breakfast you could have cheese, scrambled tofu or sardines. Calcium is an essential building block of our bones and teeth and is involved in blood clotting, muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

🥛 we should be aiming for three portions of high calcium foods per day. One portion looks like 125g of yoghurt or 200ml of milk or around 25g or cheese 🧀