Bowl of food

Wheat bran porridge with British pear, live yoghurt, almonds, seeds and cinnamon 🌾

My favourite breakfast when I was younger was hot mushy Weetabix. So I have basically made my own but without the biscuits 🥣

Method 🥣

🌾 Cook the wheat bran in a saucepan with some porridge oats and milk on the stove. You just cook it as you would with normal porridge oats.

🌾 What is wheat bran?

A wheat kernel has three parts, the germ, the bran and the endosperm. The hard exterior is known as the wheat bran and often gets separated during the milling process.

🌾 Wheat bran is rich in fibre, minerals, vitamin B6, thiamine, folate and vitamin E and some phytochemicals, in particular antioxidants such as phenolic compounds. Studies have reported that the majority of the beneficial antioxidant phytochemicals in wholewheat grains are present in the germ/bran fractions.

💩 40 grams or 1/4 cup provides around 6 g of dietary fibre. 👏🏻 we should be aiming for 30 g per day!

🦠 Diversity is key for our gut microbes to thrive. Try shaking up your usual porridge oats for some wheat bran, buckwheat, spelt or quinoa porridge!